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被保護人向中央情報事務所投遞平民拘留人 (Civiliun Internee Mail) 列表


 #num Protected person Nationality Received on mailed on
1 洪喜慈 大日本帝國 2017/8/14 2017/8/10
2 吳春珠 大日本帝國 2017/8/14 2017/8/11
3 許月時 大日本帝國 2017/8/15 2017/8/10
4 邱詠淳 大日本帝國 2017/8/16 2017/8/12
5 林宏潾 大日本帝國 2017/8/16 2017/8/12
6 許嘉旬 大日本帝國 2017/8/17 2017/8/15
7 周明煌 大日本帝國 2017/8/17  2017/8/15
8 張雪姜 大日本帝國 2017/8/17  2017/8/15
9 呂陳蒼林 大日本帝國   2017/8/15






1. 管轄權只來自於主權。管轄權是保護主權領土上的每個人人權的主權權利。

2. 大日本帝國國家法院,於被佔領土,依據1949日內瓦公約共同第三條之公認的合法建構之法院,及1949日內瓦第四公約第147條受合法審判的人權,為保障基本人權而重建。

3. 大日本帝國國家法院,受理窗口為聯合國NGO國際組織RCJE大日本帝國人民救援委員會總會,地址:台北市士林區延平北路六段263號。

4. 大日本帝國國家法院之調察、審判及裁定程序,依據1949日內瓦第四公約規定,以被佔領前的大日本帝國司法程序為主。並因重建期間情形複雜,以國際刑事法院訴訟程序為輔,以重建時期特別程序法為補充。

大日本帝國國家臺灣法院院長 吳宗哲
(2017) 平成29年8月9日

Monday, 07 August 2017 07:10




(本法又名 大日本帝國基本法之日內瓦公約法)

Stop illegal trials and Return the occupied Civil Courts
Announced by the JPE Government

  To USA and its aggression army USAF-CRAG (see Terms and Definitions)

Ms. Tsai Ing-wen(蔡英文女士), President of USAF-CRAG;

And please Ms. Tsai - the leader of USAF-CRAG follow the provisions of 1949 Geneva Conventions to hand up this mail to related authorities, your member and international organizations, such as:
1. President of the United States of America;
2. Taiwan Shilin District Court of USAF-CRAG;
3. Protecting Powers of Japan Empire and other related organizations, including the ICRC, provided by the 1949 Geneva Conventions.

Published date: 21 June 2017, Heisei 29      

Document No.: JPE-CIA-20170621


Attachment Certificate of Ministry of International Armed Conflict for the concerned case involving CIA of JPE Government of 1949 Geneva Conventions

Attachment 1The protest of Jurisdiction over occupied territory Formosa and Pescadores

Attachment 2USAF-CRAG forcing to prosecute concerned protected persons and attempting to drop down the building of CIA of JPE Government of the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention

Attachment 3The protected persons’ Power of Attorney to RCJE

Attachment 4The document accusing USAF-CRAG’s illegal trial and showing that the concerned protected persons have reasons and rights to live in the concerned place and building

Part 1: Aggression_Court.pdf (this Main document, Attachment, Attachment 1, Attachment 2, Attachment 3)
Part 2: 1949GC_JPECIA_under_attack.pdf (Attachment 4 and evidence proved )

For protecting the building which protected persons has been living in more than 70 years, and where the CIA of JPE Government runs
(see attachment 4; hereinafter “the building”), the USAF-CRAG attempts to drop down the building with its procedure in violation of Article 3, 6, 47, 71, 74 and Article 147 of Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 and Article 8 of Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court in the occupied Japan Empire’s territories Formosa and Pescadores by occupying all civil courts and authorities and enforcing the USAF-CARG’s law.
1. Please stop USAF-CRAG’s procedure immediately;
2. Return the JPE Government all Civil courts and authorities. (So far, All the civil courts and civil resources of JPE Government in Formosa and Pescadores have still been occupied by the USAF-CRAG since 25 Oct 1945.)


 1. It is illegal to trial persons by the USAF-CRAG in occupied Japan Empire’s territories Formosa and Pescadores.
There is the occupied JPE Government’s legal court to accept pleas to just shall person having right to live in his building, but not just by USAF-CRAG.

 2. Protected persons shall have right of a fair and regular trial under sovereignty and protected by the Fourth Geneva Convention.
“Willfully depriving a prisoner of war or other protected person of the rights of fair and regular trial” is the war crime under Rome Statue.


Terms and Definitions


Regarding the JPE Government
For total explanations please look at the “The Japan Empire Proclamation on the Forever Heaven Celebration Day of 2015 & National Banquet Invitation” you can download the file from JPE Government official website

International Committee of the Red Cross, hereinafter “ICRC”;
The United Nations, hereinafter “UN”;
The Charter of the United Nations, hereinafter “UN Charter”;

The United States of America, hereinafter “US” or “USA” or “U.S.” or "the United States";
The Government of the United States of America, hereinafter “US Government”;

The State of the Japanese Empire, hereinafter “Japan Empire” or “JPE”;
The Government of the State of the Japanese Empire, hereinafter “JPE Government”;

Treaty of Peace with Japan signed at San Francisco on 8 September 1951, hereinafter “San
Francisco Peace Treaty” or “SFPT”;
The “Formosa” stated in the SFPT, hereinafter “Taiwan”;
The “Pescadores” stated in the SFPT, hereinafter “Penghu”;

The State of Japan, which was forced to be independent from the Japan Empire on 3 May
1947 under U.S. military occupation, was recognized its independence and was entitled to use
the name “Japan” as its State’s name in English by SFPT Article 1(b), hereinafter “Japan”;
The Government of the State of Japan, hereinafter “Japan Government”;

The Permanent Court of Arbitration, hereinafter “PCA”;
The International Court of Justice, hereinafter “ICJ”;
The International Criminal Court, hereinafter “ICC”;

Rescue Committee for the People of Japan Empire, which has formed on 22 May 2013 in the occupied Japan Empire’s territory Taiwan at Taipei, hereinafter “RCJE”;
The RCJE has registered in the Non-Governmental Organizations of the United Nations since
23 October 2013 under the Jurisdiction of ICC and of ICJ, hereinafter “UN NGO RCJE” or

The Re-establishing Government of Japan Empire was publicly declared to rebuild on 20 February 2014 – the World Day of Social Justice in the occupied Japan Empire’s Taiwan Taipei by RCJE President Mr. Selig Tsai and Japan Empire’s people (RCJE has registered the United Nations NGO and subjected to the Jurisdiction of ICJ and ICC since 23 October
2013). And at the same time, the JPE Government has declared in all circumstances respecting to and complying with the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and their three Additional Protocols. (the Re-establishing Government of Japan Empire is the Government of Japan Empire, and is the JPE Government; it named re-establishing government” because the JPE Government is under the circumstances of US military occupation and cannot totally follow our Meiji Constitution)

(Sec.) Prime Minister of the JPE Government
Selig S.N. Tsai 蔡 世能

21 June 2017, Heisei 29

Wednesday, 26 July 2017 03:51

USAF-CRAG, United States Aggression Force

Written by

“The Republic of China in exile”, or “ROC in exile”, hereinafter “USAF-CRAG”; explained as follows:

  1. The Republic of China (“ROC”) was the name of a National Independence Movement held by Chinese people in the southeast of Mainland China since 1912, which had ever supported by the Soviet Union, the Japan Empire and the United States. The ROC had ever allied with the Japan Empire to fight against the United States’ acts of aggression, had ever been murdered its leader and took over power by the US-supported Chinese warlord Chiang Kai-shek, and had finally failed its existence due to its corruption at the end of the Chinese civil war at its capital Nanking in October 1949;
  2. Chinese warlord Chiang Kai-shek and his troops was a non-State armed group, and is an occupying agent of the United States, which was assigned to occupy Japan Empire’s territory Taiwan (Formosa) by the United States President through the US General MacArthur’s General Order No.1, and has its first ever landing Taiwan on 25 October 1945;
  3. After the Chinese civil war at the end of 1949, Chiang Kai-shek who even was not an official of ROC but merely an US President assigned Chinese warlord, fled to the occupied Japan Empire’s territory Taiwan to rebuild the Republic of China in exile (this is proved by the US court, see Annex 5 of “Proclamation on the Forever Heaven Celebration Day of 2015 & National Banquet Invitation”,;
  4. After the Chinese civil war, Chiang Kai-shek and his troops fled to other occupied State’s territories, this makes the Chiang’s non-State Chinese armed group turn to be the Chinese Refugees armed group;
  5. Through above (3) and (4), it proves that the Republic of China in exile is the Chinese Refugees armed group;
  6. Through above (2) and (3), it proves that the Republic of China in exile is an US assigned aggression force.
  7. Through above (5) and (6), it proves that the Republic of China in exile is the U.S. Aggression Force - Chinese Refugees armed group, hereinafter “USAF-CRAG”; for more details please refer to Annex 5 and 6; for more reference on Republic of China, please see Annex 3 and 4 of “Proclamation on the Forever Heaven Celebration Day of 2015 & National Banquet Invitation”.








Officials who violates Geneva Conventions of 1949 shall be relieved of his post immediately.
Officials who accompanied with USAF-CRAG's illegal jurisdiction, violating Article 47, 147 of Geneva Conventions of 1949, was relieved of his/her post immediately.


大日本帝國政府 ()內閣總理大臣
Selig S.N. Tsai 世能

29 June 2017

Proclamation of  Central Information Agency of Japan Empire's Re-establishing Government under 1949 Geneva Conventions
having been set at the same address of Rescue Committee for the people of Japan Empire,
at No.263, Sec. 6, Yanping N. Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City 111, Formosa, Japan Empire.

20 February 2014, Heisei 26
(Second) Prime Minister Selig S.N. Tsai 蔡 世能
The Re-establishing Government of Japan Empire (the JPE Government)   



大日本帝國重建政府 (次)內閣總理大臣  蔡世能


Sovereign Tax Announcement 主權稅收公告 公告連結

pdffile  file download 檔案下載


Sovereign Tax Taxpayer List 主權稅收 納稅義務人之人權證明

pdffile  file download 檔案下載


National Sovereign Tax of Japan Empire (2017)
Sovereign Tax consecrating to His Majesty the Emperor
from civilians of the occupied Japan Empire’s Formosa and Pescadores, with each one five hundred Yen - meaning of great possibilities and hopes for being resettled home of Japan Empire’s Formosa and Pescadores, and meaning of Japan Empire having the Jurisdiction of the occupied Japan Empire’s Formosa and Pescadores, under the protection of Geneva Conventions of 1949; and
respectfully submitted by the re-establishing Government of Japan Empire.

平成29年 大日本帝國國家主權稅
被佔領的大日本帝國 臺灣 澎湖 平民, 敬奉 天皇陛下 國家主權稅金,每人五百円 -
永久安置回到大日本帝國臺灣 澎湖的家,
以及意味著在1949的日內瓦公約保護下,大本日帝國擁有大日本帝國臺灣 澎湖的管轄權;
大日本帝國重建政府 恭敬上呈

12 April 2017, Heisei 29
(Second) Prime Minister Selig S.N. Tsai 蔡 世能
The Re-establishing Government of Japan Empire (the JPE Government)    

大日本帝國重建政府 (次)內閣總理大臣  蔡世能

There are 80 taxpayers with amount of 40,000 Yen, listing as follows:

pdffile  file download

2017 平成29年 大日本帝國 台灣澎湖 主權稅 徵收公告



1895年的下關條約,大日本帝國取得大清帝國的拓殖地台灣 澎湖。並於同約第五條給予當時無任何國籍的 台灣 澎湖的住民兩年的考慮期,看他們個別地是否願意成為大日本帝國國籍的帝國臣民。

1895年10月7日,台灣設置了,有史以來,第一座法院;台灣 澎湖進入了 人權史。

The JPE Governmet sent national document  for requesting Portecting Powers to station in Formosa on 11 January 2017,
(大日本帝國政府 寄出 國家文書請求 公約保護國 進駐台灣島 在 2017年1月11日,



and on 13 January 2017.
以及 在2017年1月13日。)

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